Long Life to His Holiness

HHDL81Often I wish to be in dharamsala for his birthday and see all the celebrations around the world for such an incredible teacher. we hope that as time continues we can unite in peace with the tibetans and see them return to visit their land without any obstructions or intrusions.

The yak and his keeper

yak_keeperIts important to note that every DNA has its own animals and their own vegetables and sustenance, so when they are genocide by another DNA or incested there is no way to repair the karma of the invader so the animals can heal.

In Tibet like in Aymara, the keepers of the animals are the ones that love, care and feed for their consciousness through the animals and move them around to get water and live with their mother consciousness. If you travel to places where there are animals, please note or be advised to respect them and give them light or mantra.

The other misfortune that tourists make is not to disrespect the beast and sit on them or feed them granola  bars.

losar is the month for remembering how finished china is

No one can help the chinese heal or remember their humane duties, because they are incapable of grasping the truth that they are a different DNA and cannot kill off and genocide humans. The chinese will live in shame for dismembering an entire culture that is based on human kindness and mantra.

The chinese mandate is to care for animals and insects, birds and rivers only. Building on their creativity created a successful dynasty that gave light to their roots of vegetables. Instead the fire of the anglo saxon shale destroyed their flora and brain, the larynx and their tongue consciousness so they became liars and cheaters in society.

why is a kata the offering?

kataofferkatas is a silky scarf given to bless anyone with a mantra. the fibers hold on to the mantra and tantra and it give you a connection to the mongol shale of the tibetans where his holiness the dalai lama’s deity consciousness system lives. his tantra is about compassion and love.

giving a kata is something no one experiences unless you are with a tibetan monk or lama. it is placed over your head to receive the light of a source consciousness lama that is connected to a time zone in the future.

in other cultures of DNA, people give flowers or yarn. in aymara (the americas) we give wool and alpaca pieces to tie your hair. we also give water as we are the holder and owner of the largest basin in the planet of water as Incas.

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